Five Points Festival returns to Brooklyn, NY, June 1-2, 2019!

A celebration of Designer Toys, Street Art, Indie Comic Art, and Tattoos, along with Brooklyn’s Best Craft Breweries, and Food Trucks all together at the Brooklyn Expo Center, NY!

New York, NY (February 19, 2019) – Five Points Festival, a Designer Toy, Street Art, Indie Comic Art, Tattoo, and Beer festival, is excited to announce the return of the much-anticipated event for 2019!

Taking place the weekend of June 1-2nd, 2019, at the gorgeous Brooklyn Expo Center, the festival will bring together the shining stars of Designer Toys, Street Art, Indie Comic Art, and Tattooing. The festival also features some of Brooklyn’s best craft breweries and food trucks.

This festival is a celebration of everything in the Designer Toy universe, a diverse array of characters and creations from the adorable to the grotesque. Featuring crazy monsters, bizarre creatures, awesome robots, weird aliens, and pop culture perversions, Designer Toys are all about bringing to life the unique visions of our community of visual innovators, rebels, and misfits. Five Points Festival provides a venue for these creators to collaborate and celebrate with each other, and also gives the public a chance to experience the innovations that are driving the future of commercial and counterculture art.

The event is a two-day celebration presented by Clutter Magazine and sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company, The Outer Spacemen, and Kidrobot.  This year’s bar is being provided by Brooklyn’s own Pine Box Rock Shop!!

Enthusiasts familiar with Designer Toys will have the chance to meet some of the world’s most iconic artists and brands like TOKIDOKI, James Groman, Kidrobot, Jason Freeny, POPaganda, Tara McPherson, and Mighty Jaxx. These icons will be featured alongside amazing artists from the U.S., Japan, Germany, Korea, the U.K. and elsewhere, and all will have unique, original, and limited edition pieces for sale.

Early Bird Tickets and V.I.P. tickets are Available Now! Both of which are limited and provide exclusive benefits. The Early Bird Tickets are discounted in price, while the VIP Tickets include an exclusive toy, exclusive badge, early access to the festival, and a ticket to Saturday Night’s Designer Toy Awards. These tickets are limited so act now!

Join us at Five Points Festival at the Brooklyn EXPO Center for Designer Toys, art, craft beer & food, and so much more…

Five Points Festival:
Saturday, June 1st: 11am – 6pm
Sunday, June 2nd: 11am – 5pm
Brooklyn EXPO Center
72 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Doors Open at 10am for VIP’s.

Daily and full weekend passes available

• Saturday Only Admission: $30*

• Sunday Only Admission: $25*

• Weekend Pass: $40*

• VIP Pass: $125

*Early bird rates


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Get a VIP ticket for Five Points Fest 2019, which includes access to  the Designer Toy Awards, Early Access and MORE!

• DTA Ticket – Party with us at the Designer Toy Awards on Saturday night and rub elbows with the best in the industry! – THE ONLY WAY TO GET A TICKET!

• VIP Preview – Get in an hour early both days

• Exclusive Badge – With swank art just for VIPs

• And an Exclusive Toy to be revealed in the near future!




The Five Points Festival is a collision of Designer Toys, street art, indie comic art, tattoos and beer, curated by Clutter Magazine and sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company, The Outer Spacemen, Kidrobot, and Pine Box Rock Shop.  A designer toy festival in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Neighborhood, Five Points Fest is the antidote to the average con. Five Points brings tastemakers, misfits, and rebels together with the new, the retro, and the infamous in a one-of-a-kind marketplace.

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Alexander Skarsgård is the Devil (review of Jeremy Saulnier’s HOLD THE DARK)

It’s hard not to think of a small-screen release as, you know, small–even if its scope is a vast, wolf-haunted expanse of Alaskan wilderness. Helicopter tracking shots of entire ridges of snowcapped mountains on a 52-inch flatscreen, whether here or in an episode of Game of Thrones, still somehow feel like mere fleeting bits of a smaller cinema relative to, say, former YouTube star Bo Burnham’s 2018 coming-of-age-in-that-of-social-media story Eighth Grade–which could easily have been an Amazon Original or the like but, thankfully, debuted on the big screen.

In a desolate arctic town, a child (Beckam Crawford) plays with a toy soldier in the snow. Then we see his mother (Riley Keough), walking to an open door to check on her boy–only to find the toy soldier stranded, alone–as she suddenly finds herself.

An author (Jeffrey Wright) receives a letter about a boy that’s been taken by wolves–a mythologized animal he apparently knows a little something about. He promptly unplugs his Christmas lights and heads north–for his own reasons.

And then we’re in the desert–following a man with a steely gaze (a chilling Alexander Skarsgård) as he negotiates his way through the hell of war. The only thing we learn about him in this initial sequence is he’s a man with his own moral code.

I wonder if having held out for an upcoming Alamo Drafthouse screening of Jeremy Saulnier’s fourth feature Hold the Dark might’ve sunken me any deeper into its ominous environs–as, say, seeing the cinematographer-turned-director’s Green Room, a much “smaller” tale, on the big screen had. After Blue Ruin, which, full disclosure, I saw for the first time on the small screen, I was eager to see Saulnier’s aptly-named, jade-hued third feature starring the now-late, great Anton Yelchin, and Patrick Stewart, of all people, as a (soft-spoken) Neo-Nazi general. I was excited for Saulnier’s patented sudden bursts of hyper-real screen violence in an atmosphere drenched with palpable hopelessness–and Green Room certainly delivered.

Perhaps because Hold the Dark is a Netflix “event,” I waited a little before hitting play on this Jack London-esque epic–from the man who once answered the question “What if Anton Chigurh were afraid of hepatitis?” Still, I had hoped to feel silly for doubting.

Jeffrey Wright was a big reason I moved this one up a little in my “queue”–but then he was maybe a little too painfully subdued, harder to watch than Westworld‘s Bernard/Arnold as a “host” with a season-long slow brain-fluid leak. Don’t get me wrong–I’m a big fan of Wright’s. His participation just felt like a missed opportunity here. His author/supposed wolf hunter seemed never to find his footing, relegated to pulling cops who’ve just been shot to safety behind rocks and occasionally blurting out a clue to move the story forward. Perhaps that’s reductive–but it’s the impression I’m left with. Though I will say I might justify a second viewing of this just to see if I’m being unfair–maybe having somehow overlooked a quite possible world of nuance in Wright’s gestures and tones.

On the other hand, Alexander Skarsgård is the Devil. He embodies another of Saulnier’s affecting Anton Chigurh riffs (the first being Macon Blair’s bumbling avenger in his revelatory Blue Ruin) like this is what he was born–or came from Hell–to do. Between this and his dreamboat abusive husband in HBO’s gripping Big Little Lies–while I’m not fool enough to believe that even Dennis Hopper is anything like his demented, PBR-devoted Frank Booth–I’m pretty sure I’d flinch if I ever turned a real-life corner only to find Skarsgård there, coolly looking down. He’s the surest sign of life in this movie–moving through it like a Terminator dressed in flesh and a spooky wooden mask.

photo-feb-24-3-25-52-pm 2.5 out of 4 Hats

MadHatters at Five Points Festival

ARTIST: Marreroart
A staple of NYC Latino culture, WEPA! Flan was created to celebrate the dessert we all love.
Kevin from MDBX Studios.

Johnny Flid at Five Points Festival.

Comic Uno at Five Points.

Some cool doll designs from Pidgin Doll.

Playful Gorilla at Five Points Festival.

MadHatter Review

The Cloverfield Paradox is a paradox of marketing. But the question is, is it any good.

I am not a big football fan, but I enjoy watching the Super Bowl. More specifically the movie trailers and commercials. Just like any other movie buff, I already had an idea of what trailers will be popping up. So, when the Cloverfield trailer came on, I wasn’t surprised, just shocked to find out that the film was bought by Netflix and premiering after the game. The Cloverfield franchise has always done a great job of hiding any information about their films. Look at 10 Cloverfield Lane, it just came out of nowhere, we just got a trailer and next thing we know is that the film is coming out very soon. But the question is, is it any good. For the most part it is.

Let me start of with what works in The Cloverfield Paradox. The film has a very interesting premise. You have a group of scientists trying out a crazy experiment that creates a paradox that goes through the entire universe and into the multiverse. The cast also does a great job. Everyone from Gugu Mbatha-Raw to Zhang Ziyi is given their moments to shine. 

Truth is these days it’s so hard to go see a film not know anything about it, with so many movie trailers and spoilers on social media. That is not true here. There was just a teaser that was shown during the Super Bowl. It was awesome going into this movie not knowing anything.

Paradox does play more like a homage to late 70’s early 80’s sci-fi horror films. Which is really a double edge sword. It works for the most part. It just falls in that category of being a bit predictable. 

If you are a fan of Cloverfield and like old school Sci-fi Horror, I’ll say check it out. 

Cloverfield Paradox is currently streaming on Netflix.

3 Hats 3 out 4 Hats