Looking for your next mystery/crime read? Pick up a copy of Francavilla’s The Spirit in The Corpse-Makers

The Spirit is back in Francesco Francavilla’s The Spirit in The Corpse-Makers. This action/crime/mystery series is not only written by Francavilla but lettered and drawn as well. If you are a fan of the hit Afterlife with Archie series and can appreciate the gritty, dark, and original artwork, The Spirit will prove to be another favorite.

There is a dead body in Central City and all seems pretty straight forward to the investigators. The Spirit smugly offers his help and is turned away and decides to take the night off. Eb, The Spirit’s driver, meets with his cousin Vin and their night of catch-up is ended suddenly when Vin must reschedule. We soon find out that Vin has a past criminal history and to protect Eb, he must follow through with a robbery job. A corpse is the target and happens to be the corpse of the earlier investigation. Then all goes south when Vin is abruptly snatched. What will happen next? Will The Spirit get to the bottom of these crimes in Central City?

The suspense builds with every page turn and questions formulate quickly in your mind as you read this book. Though the story in the first book will feel short, it nonetheless leaves you wondering what will happen. The artwork of Francavilla matches the suspense and mystery of his plot. You can feel the night, the rain, and the eerie atmosphere.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit has transcended time and comic book worlds with features and story lines by Kitchen Sink Press and DC Comics along with various publications by different writers and artists. The Spirit even has a part in the First Wave series by Brian Azzarello alongside some of our beloved and popular super heroes. He is known as a crime fighting criminologist in Central City by night.

If mystery and crime is your thing, The Spirit in The Corpse-Makers will not disappoint.

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Will Dante be your next read?

Writers Matt Hawkings and Jason Ning bring us into the mind of Dante, a highly skilled assassin who wants out of the killing life. It is no secret that Dante loves what he does, but the love for his wife and daughter is where he desires to be. However, as the story unravels, the fight of his life begins when his employer tries to kill him. Dante, putting up a hell of a fight, gets caught up in trying to escape and a child ends up paying the price with his life. A curse is placed on Dante’s life by the child’s grandmother. Dante becomes covered in tattoos and soon realizes that every ink mark on his body is linked to a person he has killed. He must now devote his effort to atoning for every life he took before he can be reunited with his family and be free.

Dante will not upset any reader who is looking for an action story with depth and substance. You will become invested in Dante while conflicting feelings of compassion and justice for the lives he took simultaneously form in your mind. The character development and fast paced plot proves itself as you will find you cannot put it down. And it leaves you wanting more. Darick Robertson’s artwork and Diego Rodriguez’s coloring is the perfect combination of light and dark elements, capturing the intensity and emotion the writing conveys.

Dante promises to keep us on the edge of our seats with more to come. This first issue will not upset you and will become a series you will want to follow till the end.

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Calling all Marvel Fans: Monsters Unleashed is a must read!

Who will save humanity in a Marvel universe where shooting stars produce unidentifiable monsters that reek havoc across the globe?! The Avengers…and the Guardians…and the X-men…and the Champions…and the Inhumans!

In the comic book series Marvel mash-up, Monsters Unleashed, our favorite super hero teams across the globe encounter nasty looking creatures that attack different areas of the world simultaneously. Each group tries to decipher what they are and how to defeat them. And no one seems to know the answer.

Hercules seems to think he’s faced worse. Vision sees that there is a mass collaboration with multiple reports around the world. Black Panther is hungry to fight and get the threat at hand neutralized. Groot gets cut in half. Inferno tries and fails to inecenerate a multiple headed monster.

Is this the fulfilling of an age old prophecy? Do the answers lie in science or an ancient text?

This series promises to be an action filled story line with our loved superheroes fighting off what might be some of the worst monsters the universe has ever seen. With its beautifully drawn pictures and mysterious story line, Monsters Unleashed starts off with a page-turner you can’t put down!

This is a definite read for all fans of the Marvel universe!

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The Black Monday Murders-a must-read!


The Black Monday Murders, created by Image comics, is a noir series for mature audiences that enjoy an occult story with murder, conspiracies, blood, and mystery. With realistic drawings and dark scenery, The Black Monday Murders proves to be a page-turner that keeps you at the edge of your seat and wanting more.

I am intrigued by the time-line mapped out and the imagery that goes along with it. You start to notice that as you read you become more and more focused on every detail. The history incorporated in the story is brilliant. The story begins with a description of the 1929 stock market crash and quickly you are exposed to a brotherhood that is the Caina Investment Bank. You are given the breakdown of the infrastructure and descriptions of each held position.

The story continues and you get a sense that there is more happening than what is in front of you. Conspiracies start to form in your mind and the possibilities at this point are exciting enough to continue reading with anticipation.

With a managing partner of an investment bank found dead and a vacant seat in the round table that is Caina, book one ends with more than enough violence and mystery that makes you want to keep on reading.

Make sure to read and follow this awesome series. I promise you it will not disappoint.

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