The Flash #21- The Button Part 2- The second book of the investigation we have been waiting for.

The Flash #21- The Button Part 2 brings us the second part in a four part series- The Button! In part one, Batman ponders over the button, found in the bat cave some time ago (introduced to us in DC’s rebirth one shot book back in 2016). Reverse Flash appears in the bat cave do to a seemingly electric connection between Psycho Pirates mask and the button. Batman and reverse flash fight a good fight, pummeling each other to the ground, blood pouring out, when reverse flash gets a vision. He sees “God” and disintegrates to almost nothing. What or who did he see? What was powerful enough to kill him? A villain who was a speedster but also harnessed his power from the negative speed force, manipulating time as he saw fit, destroying the timeline and lives along the way. Who then is more powerful? Could it have been the Flash at some point in time, traveling back to kill Reverse Flash due to an event in the future that calls for it? Is there a force behind this, the same force that has manipulated time, taken away years from our beloved heroes?

As Flash investigates the events that took place in the bat cave, he wonders if it was in fact him who at some point in the future kills Reverse Flash. He consults with Batman and runs through possibilities.

Radiation. The Flash found traces of radiation and large amounts of rich radiation on the body of reverse flash, the same kind found on the button. Both are having visions, Batman of his father as the Flashpoint Batman and Flash with Reverse Flash and the helmet of mercury. The Flash makes a choice to use the cosmic treadmill to follow the radiation. This is the same treadmill that the Flash used to go back in time and try to stop his mother’s murder and in doing so created the Flashpoint. The risks are many. What will prevent another hole in the timeline? Can Flash control this next trip? This choice raises many questions and doubts as the likelihood of something going wrong is so high. The fate of the Justice League and world is at stake and the Flash and Batman will stop at nothing to solve and destroy whatever is behind the chaos.     

Unbeknownst to Flash, Batman is right behind him, joining in the effort to find the truth. Both set out on the cosmic treadmill. As they are running they see flashes of how the Justice League “formed”; memories they do not have but are apparently the reality. Let us remember that time was stolen from the Justice League and the DC universe. We are seeing small pieces of this puzzle and mystery that we have been reading about for some time now.

They run faster and faster, trying not to be thwarted by the storm and thrown off and lost forever in time. Unfortunately they are both thrown off the treadmill and it comes crashing down. They end up in an early bat cave, and it is revealed to us that Bruce’s father is there and is Batman!

What lies in store for us? Hopefully the same momentum part one and two of The Button gave us.

With every issue, layers of information, mystery, answers to questions and more questions asked, will fill each page. We inch closer and closer to finding the truth about the owner of the button, the mastermind behind the missing time, and Flashpoint. Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter bring us an issue you will not forget! Beautifully drawn pages with clear cut writing in such an exciting story leaves you hungry for the next book.

This is an exciting time for DC. With Rebirth establishing itself as an amazingly and brilliantly written story line, the mystery heats up with a rich and powerful look into what the hell is going on in the DC universe. The team up between The Flash and Batman, these two detectives are not holding back and pushing the limits. The truth will unfold thanks to this team. We cannot wait for the next book.

4 Hats4 out of 4 hats

X-Men Blue #1- if you haven’t read this comic yet, you need to- here’s why

Marvel is really doing some great work with continuing to create a mutant world with our favorite mutants, good and evil, developing an enjoyable story that mirror the old-school content we all love.
X-Men Blue follows suit with a fresh and awesome narrative starring the original five who are displaced in time! Does that sound too far fetched for you? Does it peak your interest? I promise you no matter what reserves you might have, X-Men Blue will not disappoint.

A prepubescent Iceman, a young and handsome Beast, a cunning Angel, a powerful Cyclops, and their young and beautiful leader Marvel Girl are pulled by Beast (yes he even pulled a younger version of himself, and no the X-Men universe did not implode, go figure!) to try and combat a possible war among mutants.

They are tasked with the capture of Black Tom Cassidy. Cassidy laughs in their faces but unbeknownst to him, this seemingly young team, get the job done. But not without a surprise. Juggernaut reveals himself and with much effort tries to derail the plans of the X-Men. But alas the Original five do their best and succeed.

With some doubt and bickering between Cyclops and Beast, the X-Men are ready for whatever, or whoever, comes their way.

We are thrown a bit when it’s revealed that Magneto is their boss and whom they report to. Have they made a mistake? Are they the right team to take on such a large responsibility?

This first issue in what promises to be an exciting and action-packed series not only gives us a well written narrative by Cullen Bunn and kick-ass artwork by Jorge Molina and Matteo Buffagni but also presents a number of hints towards what is to come. As much as I’d love to spell everything out here, I’ll leave the last few pages for you to read and ponder after! There will be plot twists, surprises, well recognized characters, and much more on the horizon.

This is a definite must read for all X-Men fans, old and new!

MadHatters gives X-Men Blue 4 out of 4 hats

Injustice 2- Two Speeding Bullets Part 1- promising prequel storyline to the video game

On the approaching release of Injustice 2 video game, DC has adapted a prequel storyline to a comic book series with the first issue Injustice 2 Two Speeding Bullets Part 1. In the aftermath of Injustice Gods Among us where Superman’s tyranny lead to major destruction after he is tricked by the Joker to destroy Metropolis and kill Lois Lane. In an effort to stop Superman and salvage what was left, Batman was able to take an alternate Batman and Superman. They eventually took down Superman and his allies.Injustice 2- Two Speeding Bullets Part 1 begins with Batman and an incarcerated Superman while the two discuss the events that lead to his arrest. Superman still stands behind his actions, stating he really did what he thought was best to protect Earth. Batman bestows upon himself and the few allies he has left the task of trying to fix all that was broken. Harley Quinn, in this alternate version, is here to help with her witty comments and unique personality.

Harley Quinn is approached by Quinzel, a woman who is the head of the infamous Suicide Squad. Batman might have forgiven Harley Quinn, but Quinzel makes it clear that the U.S government has not. What will be the fate of Harley Quinn? Will Batman stop at nothing to make sure Harley Quinn is on his side and ready to fight any other enemies that try to attack Earth?

Much remains to be seen in this prequel to Injustice 2. Whether you are a fan of the first game, a DC comics fan, or patiently waiting to play Injustice 2 and find out what becomes of our beloved heroes and villains, pick up a copy of the first issue in the Injustice 2 comic book prequel. It is a short first book but with substance and will leave you wondering what will happen next.

3 Hats3 out 4 Hats

X-Men Gold #1- Back to the Basics Part 1- Fulfilled their promise in the title despite controversy

If you have not yet picked up or downloaded a copy of this first issue in what we can expect to be an X-Men story line that will walk you down memory lane, put it on your book list!

X-Men Gold, a new story line that is venturing out from the aftermath of the Inhumans vs. X-Men world, has an all new cast of legendary and iconic mutants- Colossus, Storm, Prestige, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Kitty Pryde as their leader.

The book opens with a battle between the X-Men team fighting Terrax, a thought to be dead villain from their recent past. As a team, the X-Men strategize a brilliant fight to get Terrax airborne and knock him out cold while citizens watch in anger and awe. Sadly the X-Men aren’t met with cheers but rather animosity and outrage by annoyed and worried bystanders. With a speech of rebuilding trust and the hopeful winning of hearts, leader Kitty Pryde attempts to reassure the crowd and herself alike.

The Xavier School of Mutant Education and Outreach has relocated to Central Park where the new X-Men team are playing a softball game with other mutants. A city representative approaches Kitty and Old Man Logan and presents a ridiculous bill for the ability to have a school relocated to the most famous park in New York City.

As the news of the price to keep the school open clouds Kitty, Nightcrawler and Storm have a heart-to-heart reflection of the recent past and look into the future with doubts as to whether this is better, worse, or the same. Fear of mutants still exist, racial prejudice all over, talks of concern about the X-genome, and how dangerous all these factors can be, even in a world filled with other enhanced beings. Colossus and Kitty have the potential to rekindle an old flame amidst their endeavor on this new team.

Nevertheless, this new X-men team pledge to protect the city as news of an attack on the United Nations occurs. Is it a new threat? Could it possibly be some familiar foes wreaking havoc? Be sure to check out comic as the book ends in a cliff hanger.

X-men Gold writer Marc Guggenheim takes us through chronological history, back to an old generation of X-men days, giving us a timeline that leads us to where the narrative is now. For some, this will be a nostalgic trip. For others it’ll be a key insight on the past and how far X-men has come.

Guggenheim, writer, and penciler Adrian Syaf create a truly “Back to the Basics” first issue that has plenty of substance in story and detailed and fun drawings to match. There are no wars between mutants and extra terrestrials, just an Earth that is their home as much as the humans. Facing adversity, the X-men go back in touch with their roots and save the world.

I unfortunately cannot end this review without mentioning the controversy around artist Ardian Syaf in this first issue of X-men Gold. There are apparent political links to a conflict (political and religious) embedded in his artwork. Marvel released a statement where they specify their stance and the repercussions that will follow. Among all of the opinions and buzz circulating around this, the book itself holds to a good start to an awesome and deserved a X-men story we want. Difference of opinions will happen and surely the geek world is not immune to this. That being said, let us see what the brains behind this new comic book series has in store for us.

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3 1/2 out 4 Hats

Iron Fist 1: Worth reading?

Danny Rand, a champion of K’un-Lun, is in search for his Iron Fist persona. His Chi and his grip on life. All lost. He feels without purpose and an emptiness takes over. He manages nonetheless to defeat countless fighters in an intense battle to open up the first issue in Marvel’s Iron Fist.

In search of a connection to his ultimate Iron Fist, Danny encounters Choshin, a man from the island Liu-Shi, who also has a handle on gifted martial arts moves. Giving Danny a fight, Choshin peeks Danny’s interest. Danny decides to follow blindly to a tournament with others that stand up to Iron Fist’s standards. They set sail towards what may very well be the answers that Danny is looking for.

Ed Brisson, writer of this Iron Fist story line, has matched the brilliant artwork of illustrator Mike Perkins. In a story where the action and suspense starts from the first page, Brisson captures the hunger of Danny’s tenacious desire to reconnect with the man he once was. Though the journey has just begun, this story promises to lead us into the world of Iron Fist- past, present, and future.

Perkins art masters the elegant kick ass martial art moves on paper. You are left wanting to see more fight. With a dark feel to each page, you are given a world where you sense there is a deep history of the rise and fall of Iron Fist. But a new journey is about to unfold.

Iron Fist is getting attention from Marvel’s live-action show. (Be sure to read our other review on Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix here). In following the entertaining Iron Fist Netflix show, Marvel’s Iron Fist comic book series looks to be an enjoyable and action-packed, fist-fighting, Chi-having story!

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3.5 out of 4 hats