My name is Steven Ramirez aka MadHatterB. I am a huge film buff with a bit of TV, gaming and comics. Hence why I write a lot of film reviews. My cousin got the idea for the site since her and I would always geek out about something. Could have been a new movie, video game or which is better DC or Marvel (truth is they are both great, DC just needs to stop dropping the ball when it comes to its films). Then she started The MadHatters, so we could geek out to the world. But more importantly write reviews and news from a fan’s perspective. Oops, I went off track a bit, let me get back to telling you a bit more about me. I am born and raised in the Big Apple. Since I was a kid, I would read comics, play games and watch films. My dad and I would always have discussions about the films we saw. In that respect we also had a four star rating (here we use a four Mad Hatter’s rating system). Funny thing my Mom was the one that got me into to comics as a kid. She felt that it would make me want to read more, it worked. Now I’m a banker by day and actor by night. Kind of like Batman without the batsuit, well sort of. If you want to learn more check out my IMDB page, just click here.

Favorite Films:  the original Star Wars, Glory, Dances with Wolves and The Untouchables

Favorite Games: Halo, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls III Morrowind and Shenmue

Favorite Books: The Dark Tower Series, Harry Potter, Debt of Honor and The Key to Midnight