Alien Storm: A Retro Review.

In the nineties, when I was just a young madhatter, one of my favorite game genres to play was a fighting game. Any one-to-one combat peaked my interest and kept my attention till I had blisters on my fingers from playing too long. Brawler and side-scrolling games, like Alien Storm, gave me multiple enemies to fight and a good enough story line to keep me entertained. This combined with a science fiction theme where aliens disguised themselves as humans and mailboxes, trash cans, and more!

Alien Storm, made by Sega, hit the US in 1991. Aliens from somewhere in the universe, invade earth. It is up to the Alien Busters to fight these creatures and save the world. The Sega Genesis version (there were several official versions, on different game platforms, released and re-releases later on) had three characters you could play as. There was an arcade mode, duel mode, and a two-player mode.  Each character has a specific weapon and a special ability. You can play as Gordon (thunder bazooka, gunship), Karla (fire blaster, ballistic missile), or Slammer (Electric whip, self-destruct technique). Using special attacks drain your energy and unless you’ve acquired energy by killing certain aliens or in the 3-D shooting range that auto-rolled, where you enter a building and save all the trapped citizens; the citizens that have not turned into aliens yet that is!

Alien Storm was quite the challenging game to play. There were a number of different aliens that had different moves and fighting styles. It was imperative to learn each alien and what moves/weapon was needed to kill them efficiently.  Along with your character’s major attack and special attack, there were “special stunts” (jumps and attacks) that helped. In the arcade game play, you had but three credits (technically four lives) to last you until the end of several missions and bosses.

Alien Storm gave us a game play that combined two great elements for the time period, side-scrolling and brawler. You were given the opportunity to beat alien scum to dust with weapon combat and the element of surprise with not knowing what was coming next. For the time the graphics were the normal and the game was decently popular.

If you are looking for a retro game to download, or want to try a game from the early nineties, get Alien Storm. It is fun and addicting.

Game play

4 Hats 4 out of 4 hats


3 Hats 3 out of 4 hats


photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3.5 out of 4 hats


photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3.5 out of 4 hats


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