A-Box Alien Covenant Unboxing 


MadHatter B

4 Hats 4 out 4 Hats


2 thoughts on “A-Box Alien Covenant Unboxing 

  • I absolutely love this box. Easily one of the best subscription boxes I have ever seen. I’m actually looking forward to seeing their ‘VS’ box because it’ll be the standard run of the mill box rather then a limited edition one. If they can keep the same quality of items as the limited edition in the scaled down monthly boxes (minus the HUGE expensive replicas) then they’re onto a winner.


    • I agree, I’m curious as well. By all odds, it’s going to start strong but let’s see how long it will last. Look at Loot Crate, it started great. Nowadays it’s getting too repetitive and nothing to brag about.


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