This is why Homecoming is the best Spider-man movie ever. 

Spiderman Homecoming is the latest entry in the Marvel cinematic universe. Directed by Jon Watts stars Tom Holland as or friendly neighborhood Spider-man and Michael Keaton as the menacing Vulture.

This is the second reboot for our web-slinger. Amazing Spider-Man was far from amazing, but for the most part it was entertaining. Now Marvel studios finally gets their baby back (we’ll sort of). Let’s just say that Sony and Marvel made a mutual agreement. This is the definitive Spider-Man film we’ve been waiting for. I am truly surprised a film with six screenwriters came out so good. From beginning to end, I just had the biggest smile on my face.

Not going to articulate much about the story, I don’t want to get into spoiler territory. Let’s just say that it works! Thank goodness we didn’t watch him get bitten by a radioactive spider again, we’ve seen it already twice. This is more about him growing as a superhero. Another thing it actually does feel like he is your friendly neighborhood Spider-man. In the comics he spent most of his time in his neighborhood of Queens, NY. Homecoming uses that to their advantage, making it feel different from the previous films.

Spiderman is also the first MCU superhero that you could relate to. Peter is just your average kid dealing with all of the high school angst. There are some scenarios that you might say to yourself, oh yeah, I’ve been through something like this before. With the previous MCU heroes you had a billionaire, super soldier and a secret agent. No one that you could actually identify with. The film is very funny at times. Unquestionably, there is a lot of inspiration from John Hughes. The high school scene has a Breakfast Club vibe and there’s also a huge homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

One of my issues with the previous Spiderman films is you could tell some scenes weren’t shot in New York City. That has always bothered me. I know that it wouldn’t make a difference for a person who wasn’t born or brought up in NYC. But I’m a native New Yorker, also born and raised in Queens. When I watch scenes like that, it takes me away from the film. That can’t be said for Homecoming, I even recognized some of the neighborhoods that they shot in.

Tom Holland was born to play this role, he is Peter Parker/Spider-man. You also believe that he is in high school. Look, I liked Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield but they were just a bit too old for the role. Michael Keaton is masterful and menacing as The Vulture. There were some scenes that make the Vulture scary and perhaps one of the best super villains on film to date. We understand why he does what he does. He simply isn’t your “I want to take over the world” villain. If anything he reminds me a lot like Walter White from Breaking Bad. The supporting cast does a good job too. The two that stand out are Jacob Batalon as Peter’s nerdy friend and Zendaya as Michelle the corky loner. They have a few big scenes that aren’t only funny, but memorable too.

Like the previous films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-man Homecoming looks amazing and delivers some great action set pieces. The ferry scene is fun and exciting. Vultures suit looks great and plays homage to the original suit from the comics. Marvel studios did a nifty job of making such a corny character look menacing and cool. All of the action scenes between Spider-man and Vulture are thrilling. Seeing them go at it, is simply awesome. Be certain to keep a look out for all of the Easter eggs and there are two end credit scenes.

Spider-man Homecoming is a welcome addition to the MCU and the best Spidey film to date.

4 Hats 4 out of 4 Hats


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