Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure is a cute and unique chess inspired turn-based strategy game.

Auro is an indie strategy game from the team at DinoFarm Games. On the surface Auro sounds like Zelda combined with Hoplite style gameplay. For the most part it was. You’ve got your dungeons, strange monsters, special powers and hex-based levels. What makes it different from the two, is the heavy influences from another very popular and classic game Chess.

You play as Prince Auro, using your magical skills to fight monsters throughout the hex-based dungeon. Right off the bat, you will acknowledge the great character design and animation. Each character has its own distinct look and power. Some of them shoot water, fire or they simply bump you. Auro does have a distinct look and runs very smoothly. I was playing Auro on Steam with a Windows PC. Never did I notice and frame rate issues or bugs.

Even with the cool animation and design what really makes Auro stand out, it’s the gameplay. The idea is you must strategically bump off your opponents out of the game board. Prince Auro could move around the board one space at a time. Some magic will give him the ability to move multiple spaces. Auro also has the power to summon elements like water or fire, to bump off the enemy’s. Since the game is turn based, it actually helps to understand all the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. While also knowing your character’s limitations. It helps to strategically plan your moves ahead of time. Sometimes it is best to use your magic early and occasionally you’ll need to save it for stronger enemies. These are things as the game progresses, you will understand better.

Auro does get very challenging, but never to the level when you get upset and you want to fling your keyboard at the monitor. The idea is to always think a few moves ahead. I would have liked a multiplayer mode. It would be cool to challenge your friends to an Auro dual. Possibly it would be added later with an update.

If you desire to play a fun and challenging game. Definitely give Auro a try.

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3.5 out 4 Hats


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