Volume 2 might have a weaker script, but it’s nevertheless a fun and funny ride.

The rag tag team known as The Guardians of the Galaxy is back, but is it worth your time and money. I’m here to tell you yes, it is. The script is not equally strong as the original. Volume 2 offers just as much fun and is a good deal funnier than its counterpart.

James Gunn returns as writer and director. Bringing back his own brand of filmmaking. If you have seen the original, you already know what to anticipate. A visually stunning, funny ride in that aspect the movie doesn’t disappoint. The script on the other hand wasn’t as fleshed out as the original. While the original had some interesting villains in Ronan the Accuser and Thanos, Volume 2 doesn’t. In that regard the big villain reveal is predictable. Which takes me to my next question, what happened to Thanos? He doesn’t appear at all in the movie. They do drop his name from time to time, it would have been more exciting if Thanos had a more integral role in the film. Even with the weak villain, Volume 2 prevails. I stated earlier, this film is funnier than the original. A lot of times action films tend to drop the ball in its final act. Gunn did a terrific job of making the final act one of the strongest parts in the film. Not only does it look great, exciting and funny, but it was also moving.

Everyone is back in volume 2 with some added new additions and a whole bunch of cameos. The latest additions include Kurt Russel, Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Debicki, Sylvester Stallone and many more. The Ravagers are more fleshed out in the film with Stallone playing the leader. That is also when you have a bunch of your cameos. Kurt Russel is interesting as the living planet Ego. He and Chris Pratt, have some good scenes together. Pom is the eccentric and funny Mantis. She produces some hilarious scenes with Dave Bautista, they also have good chemistry. Everyone else overall does a great job, but it’s Michael Rooker, who steals the show. Yondu is such a multi-layered character, but Michael plays him with so much fondness. Rooker is such a great actor and this would be a wonderful opportunity for a best supporting actor nomination. Its sucks usually the academy tends to shy off from these types of films. Baby Groot comes in a close second, almost every scene he is in is hilarious. From commencement to finish he is the cutest little thing. You know all the kids are dying to get Baby Groot, great marketing on Marvel’s part.

If you have watched the previous film you already know what to expect when it comes to the visuals. James Gunn used the same flair and color tone for the film. I feel every color was used in this picture one way or the other. The CGI looks amazing, you got a galactic octopus, hundreds of Sovereign ships and a living planet. That is just a small amount of some of the amazing scenes you will see. Then there is the action itself. When you have a film like this CGI and action go hand in hand. Gunn seems to know what we want to see when it comes to action. Because all of the action scenes are fun and cool. Even in the finale the action is epic.

Volume 2 might have a weaker script, but it’s nevertheless a fun and funny ride.

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3.5 out of 4 Hats


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