Tribeca Games Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival presented to us for the first time Tribeca Games Festival. Yes, a festival within a festival, and the inaugural event premiered in style. I and my fellow MadHatter had the pleasure of attending the opening night. Upon entering we were offered wine (alcohol and games pair quite nicely) and a mysterious envelope to a game that started right away containing clues to win prizes. The room, with dimmed lighting and orange tic tacs up for grabs, was inviting to all who walked through those doors. The atmosphere lured us in from the start. From the smiling servers to the developers and professionals who are in the gaming industry, Tribeca Games became a welcoming and promising night of fun, games, drinks, and a perfect platform to network.
The mystery game, presented by Mailchimp- an email marketing platform, sparked our curiosity quickly, and we started to gather clues together right away within our own party. We soon realized to truly solve the mystery, we needed to branch out and talk to other guests attending. Mystery plus problem-solving plus the chance to win a prize equalled to meeting different people and working together. What a brilliant way to break the ice and start mingling and networking. By the way, we won a prize!

Telltale Games brought their Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series game with a crowd play of the first episode. We all logged into the game with our smart phones (cell reception was top notch) and played along while we watched gameplay and game video. The crowd cheered, laughed, sighed, and applauded throughout the gameplay. This was an engaging and delightful experience, a refreshing way to be exposed to gaming. What better choice for a game to interact with. The storyline was light-hearted and fun, filled with action from our beloved Guardians.

There were six different booths, games to test and play on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, VR, and more that were an unexpected treat to attendees. All booths were inviting and questions and comments were welcomed. We thoroughly enjoyed putting our drinks down, putting on the headphones, grabbing the controllers and diving into the game.

The room never felt too crowded either, nor was it too long a wait or difficult to have access to any booth, which can sometimes be a downside to gaming events as wait times can be overbearing. Tribeca did a superb job on opening night!

Opening night ended with a bang thanks to Mura Masa, a British electronic music producer and instrumental music artist and DJ. With futuristic and New Age music, the night went on with chill vibe that kept the mood going. What a way to end a game themed event.

Tribeca went above and beyond our expectations of the first ever Tribeca Games  Festival and gave us a promising reoccurring event that will hopefully stay with us year after year.


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