A Conversation with author Gene Geter

We are transported to 2018. Bernie Sanders is president. September 11th never happened and New York is in California. Today we have our first featured interview at Mad Hatters. Gene Geter is a photographer, author and former entertainment columnist. He has worked with Bianca Golden, Lola Declet, Coby Persin, Steven Ramirez, PeiJu Chien-Pott, Kahshanna Evans, Laurence Yang, Jade Vixen and Anita Zolt. Geter has also interviewed Prince, Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba, Robin Thicke, Kristin Kreuk, Aaliyah, Usher, Snoop Dogg and Jada Pinkett Smith. He has published novellas, poetry and photography books. Geter is also a director, writing and producing videos on YouTube and Vimeo. His latest book Train – Earth Two is available for preorder now at Amazon. Click here to get your copy.


How would you describe Train- Earth Two to someone who has not read any of your previous novels?

It is a novella really than a novel. It is a multiverse story about some characters from Train but on a different Earth. It takes place in New York and revolves around taking the trains. The novella is violent and packed with drama, suspense, romance and mystery but most especially, an alternate Delilah (a Lolita type) and her poisonous strawberries are back. Someone once told me, how can I make strawberries something bad. My reply, oh well. Also expect an audiobook version of Train – Earth Two narrated by Sheila Marie Nicholas (SMN Productions). Expect it to drop late spring or early summer.


Train – Earth Two is based on the Love Train Web series. What was your inspiration for the web series?

I remember taking the train different times and just wondered what if something impossible took place such as something happened supernatural. It was just going to be a few videos and turned into a webseries. I think the webseries wrote itself.


Where would you like to see your story Earth Two go? Another web series or more novels to follow?

I would like to see this story and the previous one become a series on HBO or Netflix, but see someone else take these tales and spin it a bit. I don’t want to have anything to do it.


What was your process for writing Earth Two? Did the end result surprise you? 

I like to write my stories on my desktop computer in Word. I have done mostly everything that way. And the ending, well, not really surprised yet I am always amazed when I get to the end of anything because just a few months earlier, I was writing the first paragraph. It is very self rewarding.


When you write, do you portray yourself or your characteristics in any of your characters? 

Yes, many stories like Imagine have things about me and people in my life or people I met or worked with. It just happens. It wasn’t planned.


Give us three “good to know” facts about you. Be creative. Tell us about your first job, the inspirations of your writing, any fun details that would enliven your page. 

Fact numero uno, I have this ability with some people that they will just open up to me about almost anything. It is as if whatever the mask it is that they don’t show the world, they will reveal to me. The reveal can be verbal or physical. It is astounding how much this occurs. It is usually a blessing while on occasions, a curse. Fact two, when I say I’m going to do something, it gets done. It is very rare that it will not happen. Fact three, I think I got smarter over the years. My first job, when I was in high school, I worked with my father at his job for a few summers in Brooklyn and mailed out Southwestern Bell phones. When it comes to my writing, I feel anything in my world could be inspirational. I can be literally anywhere and get ideas. It can be sparked by a voice or a sound, colors or even a memory. It is hard to say how it works. Ideas are something. They arrive when they want to be delivered if you know what I mean. I know these two dancers with the same name and wrote a book inspired by them called The Dancer Mimi. They didn’t know each other before, but strangely enough, art started imitating life as well as life imitating art. They realized that met when they were younger. I am planning later this year to have that book translated in Japanese to sell in paperback and Kindle.


As a self-published writer, do you have tips for other authors who want to self-publish? 

Yes, my tip is learn the rules to writing and break them, break them all. Do it your way. Take risks. Don’t be afraid.


What else do you want your readers to know? Consider here your likes and dislikes, your interests and hobbies, your favorite ways to unwind- whatever comes to your mind. 

I would like some readers to become more open-minded. I think some of them are so sensitive that they are quick to be offended. And some of them forget that I am telling the story that I want to tell, not theirs, I can’t share my illegal interests and hobbies, but usually, In my spare time, I like to hangout or unwind with friends, go to cool places to eat, see movies and try new things such as play BubbleBall. I went ice skating before and will probably do that very soon. 



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