X-Men Gold #1- Back to the Basics Part 1- Fulfilled their promise in the title despite controversy

If you have not yet picked up or downloaded a copy of this first issue in what we can expect to be an X-Men story line that will walk you down memory lane, put it on your book list!

X-Men Gold, a new story line that is venturing out from the aftermath of the Inhumans vs. X-Men world, has an all new cast of legendary and iconic mutants- Colossus, Storm, Prestige, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Kitty Pryde as their leader.

The book opens with a battle between the X-Men team fighting Terrax, a thought to be dead villain from their recent past. As a team, the X-Men strategize a brilliant fight to get Terrax airborne and knock him out cold while citizens watch in anger and awe. Sadly the X-Men aren’t met with cheers but rather animosity and outrage by annoyed and worried bystanders. With a speech of rebuilding trust and the hopeful winning of hearts, leader Kitty Pryde attempts to reassure the crowd and herself alike.

The Xavier School of Mutant Education and Outreach has relocated to Central Park where the new X-Men team are playing a softball game with other mutants. A city representative approaches Kitty and Old Man Logan and presents a ridiculous bill for the ability to have a school relocated to the most famous park in New York City.

As the news of the price to keep the school open clouds Kitty, Nightcrawler and Storm have a heart-to-heart reflection of the recent past and look into the future with doubts as to whether this is better, worse, or the same. Fear of mutants still exist, racial prejudice all over, talks of concern about the X-genome, and how dangerous all these factors can be, even in a world filled with other enhanced beings. Colossus and Kitty have the potential to rekindle an old flame amidst their endeavor on this new team.

Nevertheless, this new X-men team pledge to protect the city as news of an attack on the United Nations occurs. Is it a new threat? Could it possibly be some familiar foes wreaking havoc? Be sure to check out comic as the book ends in a cliff hanger.

X-men Gold writer Marc Guggenheim takes us through chronological history, back to an old generation of X-men days, giving us a timeline that leads us to where the narrative is now. For some, this will be a nostalgic trip. For others it’ll be a key insight on the past and how far X-men has come.

Guggenheim, writer, and penciler Adrian Syaf create a truly “Back to the Basics” first issue that has plenty of substance in story and detailed and fun drawings to match. There are no wars between mutants and extra terrestrials, just an Earth that is their home as much as the humans. Facing adversity, the X-men go back in touch with their roots and save the world.

I unfortunately cannot end this review without mentioning the controversy around artist Ardian Syaf in this first issue of X-men Gold. There are apparent political links to a conflict (political and religious) embedded in his artwork. Marvel released a statement where they specify their stance and the repercussions that will follow. Among all of the opinions and buzz circulating around this, the book itself holds to a good start to an awesome and deserved a X-men story we want. Difference of opinions will happen and surely the geek world is not immune to this. That being said, let us see what the brains behind this new comic book series has in store for us.

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3 1/2 out 4 Hats


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