Injustice 2- Two Speeding Bullets Part 1- promising prequel storyline to the video game

On the approaching release of Injustice 2 video game, DC has adapted a prequel storyline to a comic book series with the first issue Injustice 2 Two Speeding Bullets Part 1. In the aftermath of Injustice Gods Among us where Superman’s tyranny lead to major destruction after he is tricked by the Joker to destroy Metropolis and kill Lois Lane. In an effort to stop Superman and salvage what was left, Batman was able to take an alternate Batman and Superman. They eventually took down Superman and his allies.Injustice 2- Two Speeding Bullets Part 1 begins with Batman and an incarcerated Superman while the two discuss the events that lead to his arrest. Superman still stands behind his actions, stating he really did what he thought was best to protect Earth. Batman bestows upon himself and the few allies he has left the task of trying to fix all that was broken. Harley Quinn, in this alternate version, is here to help with her witty comments and unique personality.

Harley Quinn is approached by Quinzel, a woman who is the head of the infamous Suicide Squad. Batman might have forgiven Harley Quinn, but Quinzel makes it clear that the U.S government has not. What will be the fate of Harley Quinn? Will Batman stop at nothing to make sure Harley Quinn is on his side and ready to fight any other enemies that try to attack Earth?

Much remains to be seen in this prequel to Injustice 2. Whether you are a fan of the first game, a DC comics fan, or patiently waiting to play Injustice 2 and find out what becomes of our beloved heroes and villains, pick up a copy of the first issue in the Injustice 2 comic book prequel. It is a short first book but with substance and will leave you wondering what will happen next.

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