Agents of Shield returns as Agents of Hydra. But is it any good?

At long last, we get the return of Agents of Shield after its one month hiatus. It was a long wait, especially after that last explosive episode, you could read the review here.

The last time we watched our heroes. Aida the crazy LMD (Life Model Decoy), has taken Coulson, Fitz, May and Al, trapped them in the Framework (it’s essentially a matrix like program) and replaced them with LMD’s. Daisy and Simons barely survived a fight at shield. Finally getting away and saving some agents are now on the run. The only means for them to save their friends is to hack into the Framework. Daisy wakes up in the Framework and finds out everything is different. Shield has fallen and Hydra has risen.

Agents had always done a neat job of giving us different story lines. Last year was the Inhumans, this season we have three stories Ghost Rider, LMD and now Agents of Hydra. The episode is titled What if…? Its title is inspired by a Marvel comics series with the same name. They were always interesting because it rendered us a twist that we’re curious to see. Like what if Spider-man died or What if Thanos won the Infinity Wars. The same is said here, except it is, What if Hydra won the Hydra War. You could tell the writers are fun writing these episodes. Giving us totally different aspects on our Agents and the return of Ward.

Visually, this is another stunning episode. Every scene had this gray filter going on, giving it this dark noir look to it. Think The Matrix, only switching it from green to gray. We also go to see the old shield headquarters, now remade for Hydra. Actually, when I think about it. The whole vibe and look reminded me of Winter Solider.

It is outstanding to see Brett Dalton back as Ward. He was great in the first season, especially with the big reveal of him being a Hydra agent. This episode really goes to Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy. When she sees Ward for the first time it likes the devil just appeared. Her expression was simply priceless. We get a chance to see Clark Gregg, Ming-na Wen and Lain De Caestecker take their characters to new and different heights. You know the deal, I’m not going to be specific about it. Since it gets into spoiler territory. That’s what makes this episode so enjoyable, all of the unexpected twist with its characters. My single complaint was with Elizabeth Henstridge as Simmons. Usually Simmons is really smart and calculating on the show. For some reason in this episode she was doing a lot of stupid mistakes that fell out of character. Nevertheless, it’s an entertaining and interesting episode.

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3 1/2 out of 4 Hats



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