Iron Fist 1: Worth reading?

Danny Rand, a champion of K’un-Lun, is in search for his Iron Fist persona. His Chi and his grip on life. All lost. He feels without purpose and an emptiness takes over. He manages nonetheless to defeat countless fighters in an intense battle to open up the first issue in Marvel’s Iron Fist.

In search of a connection to his ultimate Iron Fist, Danny encounters Choshin, a man from the island Liu-Shi, who also has a handle on gifted martial arts moves. Giving Danny a fight, Choshin peeks Danny’s interest. Danny decides to follow blindly to a tournament with others that stand up to Iron Fist’s standards. They set sail towards what may very well be the answers that Danny is looking for.

Ed Brisson, writer of this Iron Fist story line, has matched the brilliant artwork of illustrator Mike Perkins. In a story where the action and suspense starts from the first page, Brisson captures the hunger of Danny’s tenacious desire to reconnect with the man he once was. Though the journey has just begun, this story promises to lead us into the world of Iron Fist- past, present, and future.

Perkins art masters the elegant kick ass martial art moves on paper. You are left wanting to see more fight. With a dark feel to each page, you are given a world where you sense there is a deep history of the rise and fall of Iron Fist. But a new journey is about to unfold.

Iron Fist is getting attention from Marvel’s live-action show. (Be sure to read our other review on Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix here). In following the entertaining Iron Fist Netflix show, Marvel’s Iron Fist comic book series looks to be an enjoyable and action-packed, fist-fighting, Chi-having story!

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3.5 out of 4 hats


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