The Flash vs Grodd! The epic conclusion to Gorilla City. Is it any good?

Tonight on The Flash concludes the Gorilla City event. Last week’s episode was flawed, but a lot fun. You could read our full review here.

After the events of Attack on Gorilla City. Grodd has kidnaped Gypsy (a meta-human who could journey through the multi-verse). Using Gypsy’s powers Grodd has devised a plan. That will revert him to Earth-1 with an army of Apes to destroy Central City.

Attack on Central City just like its previous episode, looks outstanding. You could distinguish that the producers spent most of the show’s budget on these two episodes. I’m not stating that the other episodes look bad. They’re simply not as epic as these episodes. When Grodd and his army battle team Flash it looks awesome, it just didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I won’t dwell any deeper, since I’ll be entering into spoiler territory.

The cast always does a wonderful job. Everyone is charismatic and they have great chemistry with each other. It works well on the small screen. Truth is, if these characters had no chemistry. The show wouldn’t work as well as it does.

As far as the narrative goes. It’s not as elaborate and well composed as some other episodes. Don’t get me wrong here. That’s not really a bad thing. This episode is intended to be fun, that’s what it is and it does it well.

photo-feb-24-7-37-47-pm 3 out 4 Hats


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