This is unquestionably the best episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D this season. Here’s why?

Self Control is the latest episode from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D before it goes on hiatus for over a month. This is unquestionably the best episode of the season and possibly the best since the show started. Season 4 has been a lot fun with the Ghost Rider storyline. Which ended a few months ago and we were introduced to LMD. A Life Model Decoy (or LMD for short) is an S.H.I.E.L.D.-designed robot that duplicates all outwear aspects of a living individual.

The LMD story-line has given Agents of SHIELD an Invasion of the Body Snatcher feel to it. Having our Agents paranoid and suspecting each other as LMD’s. With the events that happened on the previous installment. Fitz and Simons are left wondering, who on the team are LMDs. To continue this review, spoiler free. I am not going to say anything else about the narrative. The only thing I will add is there are a great deal of twists and some that I didn’t even expect. The writers did a neat job of keeping the viewers guessing.

The visual effects team knocked it out of the park. This episode never felt like a TV show but more like a feature film. Usually SHIELD has great visuals, but every once in a while, they might drop the ball. Not here, one scene in particular was awesome with Quake Aka Daisy. She got a chance to show off her abilities in a way we’ve never seen. I always hate when you could notice bad CGI. It seems to take you away from the story. That never happened here, if anything your like damn that looked hot.

Not merely was the visual effects up to par but the cast does a fantastic job. Clark Gregg, Ming Na, Henry Simmons and Lain de Caestecker really get a chance to flex their dramatic muscle here. Specifically, it’s Elizabeth Henstridge and Chloe Bennet that gets a moment to shine in this instalment. When things get truly dramatic, they do a fantastic job of making the danger feel real. Never did it ever feel forced or melodramatic.

This gets me into the action. Since Agents moved to its new time slot. The show has been dealing with darker themes and it doesn’t shy away from the violence. Some of the scenes in this episode made me feel like I was watching an episode of Daredevil. Yes, the action is bloody and well-choreographed. Even one scene was awesome when Daisy had to fight 2 LMD’s. But that’s not why the action works so good. What makes it work is the dramatic punch. You truly get a sense foreboding. It’s safe to say that Season 4 is shaping up to be the best season so far.

Great visual effects and a solid script. Makes this one hell of a great episode.

photo-feb-24-10-29-24-pm4 out 4 Hats


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