Grodd is back on The Flash. But is it worth your time?

Tonight begins the 2 part event Gorilla City on The Flash. Tonight’s episode Attack on Gorilla City brings back Grodd an evil and super-intelligent gorilla.
The last time we saw Grodd, he was thrown into Earth-2 by The Flash. On this earth, there’s a city filled with gorillas just like Grodd. The city is called Gorilla City and it’s ruled by Solovar. Wanting revenge and a path back home to Earth-1, Grodd kidnaps Harrison Wells from Earth-2. Now Barry and his team have to run back and help save Wells before they attack Central City.
The Flash has always been a fun show. A right mix of action, humor and drama. Sometimes the show could be a bit corny, but it works. The corniness seems to add this extra charm that makes it more enjoyable. The same could be stated about this episode. I mean it has gorillas that talk telepathically to each other and want to take over the Earth. On paper, it sounds very cheesy. Guess what? It works, this episode is tons of fun. I just wished the 2 parts were back to back.
The cast does a great job like they normally do. They all have a great chemistry together and it shows on screen. But it’s Tom Cavanagh that steals the show. Tom is playing two characters in tonight’s episode, Harrison Wells from Earth-1 and Wells from Earth-2. He plays them so differently that you swear it’s a different actor even though they look alike. The truth is he’s been doing a great job since the start.
Tonight’s episode also proves how great the show looks visually. Once Barry and his team gets too Gorilla City it’s a view to behold. Large statues of gorillas, a Colosseum and an epic battle between The Flash and Solovar. One particular scene in the Colosseum plays homage to The Matrix and looks amazing.

Part one of Gorilla City is fun and visually stunning episode. Let’s hope part two is just as good.

photo-feb-24-7-37-47-pm3 out of 4 Hats


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