Flash Black Friday Review! Event Horizon 

To start off our Flash Back Friday review. I decided to write a review for Event Horizon. It was originally released in 1997. Upon release, the film was a commercial and critical failure. Now 20 years later the film has gotten more of a cult following. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson yes, that same guy that directed the Resident Evil movies. You could read our review for the latest Resident Evil here.
Event Horizon follows a search and rescue team lead by Laurence Fishburne and his crew of the USS Lewis and Clark. That are searching for answers about a spaceship that went missing for seven years and mysteriously reappeared. Where had it been all this time? What happened to the crew? Looking for these answers will put the team of the Lewis and Clark in danger and against a horrendous evil.
I remembered watching Event Horizon when it was first released, it scared the crap out of me. Fast forward 20 years, a good deal older. The movie isn’t as scary, but it’s still terrifying. Literally, this film is Hellraiser in space. Reason why the film works so well is the filmmakers knew what type of film they wanted to produce, an amalgam of sci-fi and Gothic horror. If you’re expecting a Citizen Kane or Gone with the Wind, sorry you are going to be exceedingly disappointed. The one problem I had was with its final 15 minutes; it isn’t as strong as the beginning. This seems to happen a lot with horror movies. Filmmakers have a neat idea, but they never know how to conclude or even execute it. At least the conclusion for Event Horizon is actually good. It’s merely the last portion before the ending could have been a bit better.
Now let’s get to the cast. I’m amazed that the studio was able to attach some well known actors for this type of film. Most good actors seem to drift away from the horror genre. You got Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, Jason Isaacs, Kathleen Quinlan and the list keep going. Most of them do a great job with the type of movie it is. The only actor that wasn’t up to par in the film is Jack Noseworthy. He really just sticks out as a painful thumb. Truth is Noseworthy wasn’t worthy of the film, OK that was a bad joke.
Visually, this picture looks fantastic. From the religious undertones with all the crosses hidden everywhere to the inner sanctum of the derelict spaceship. It actually gives the film this futuristic Gothic feel to it. Recent advancements in CGI doesn’t help the film age well. Some of its CGI does look a bit dated. I do need to add one more thing. This movie is very gory. The practical gore effects are so skillful, that some of those scenes, even made me cringe a bit. If you’re the squeamish type, you might want to look out.
Terrifying visual and story might be too much for the casual film goer. But for horror aficionado, it’s a must watch.

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm 3 1/2 out of 4 Hats


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