Calling all Marvel Fans: Monsters Unleashed is a must read!

Who will save humanity in a Marvel universe where shooting stars produce unidentifiable monsters that reek havoc across the globe?! The Avengers…and the Guardians…and the X-men…and the Champions…and the Inhumans!

In the comic book series Marvel mash-up, Monsters Unleashed, our favorite super hero teams across the globe encounter nasty looking creatures that attack different areas of the world simultaneously. Each group tries to decipher what they are and how to defeat them. And no one seems to know the answer.

Hercules seems to think he’s faced worse. Vision sees that there is a mass collaboration with multiple reports around the world. Black Panther is hungry to fight and get the threat at hand neutralized. Groot gets cut in half. Inferno tries and fails to inecenerate a multiple headed monster.

Is this the fulfilling of an age old prophecy? Do the answers lie in science or an ancient text?

This series promises to be an action filled story line with our loved superheroes fighting off what might be some of the worst monsters the universe has ever seen. With its beautifully drawn pictures and mysterious story line, Monsters Unleashed starts off with a page-turner you can’t put down!

This is a definite read for all fans of the Marvel universe!

photo-feb-24-10-29-24-pm4 out of 4 hats


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