What happens when you mix Ghostbuster, Aliens and Call of Duty? You Get Netflix’s new film Spectral. But is it any good?

Just like Beast of No Nation and the recently released Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel. Spectral is the latest movie that Netflix acquired the rights for. That originally was going to receive a theatrical run. They’ve had a pretty good run thus far. I’m pleased to say that Spectral might have some issues, but it’s nonetheless a lot of fun.

Spectral takes place in the non too distant future. About a scientist from DARPA who is assigned to work with Delta Force to fight invisible supernatural beings that have taken over a war torn Moldovan city.
Definitely off the bat, this a cool concept. Who doesn’t want to see a Delta Force team wage a battle against a supernatural foe. It plays great on screen. Simply from a visual standpoint, it looks fantastic. From the wide angle shots to a hoard of supernatural enemies raining down on our heroes. For a small film it delivers an epic feel to it.
The greatest selling point of this film its in the action scenes. I always say if you’re going to simply make an action film. At least have some cool sequences. Thank goodness it does. Look overall the movie knows what it is. A film that has an interesting concept and cool action scenes. Essentially the film is just wants to entertain us. The dialogue is passable and the acting is ok. Just good enough to make the movie work.
Also Spectral plays homage to a few films and video game. The introduction of the delta force will remind viewers of Aliens. The ending has a lot in common with games like Call of Duty and gears of war. If you’re in the mood to simply watch a fun action film then definitely check this out.

photo-feb-24-7-37-47-pm3 out of 4 Hats


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