The Exorcist -does the T.V. adaptation live up to the name?

This review does contain a few spoilers.
There is a new TV trend going on. Making popular films into a TV series. The latest to join in on the bandwagon is The Exorcist. It can be considered the scariest film of all-time. Could it be a contender for scariest TV show?

No I don’t think so.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad show. There are a few good freaky scenes but nothing that really gets under your skin.
The shows premise is pretty much the same as the film. A family believes that their daughter is possessed by a demon. The mother looks to her priest to do an exorcism.

This show looks great. From the cinematography to visual effects; it’s a very good looking show. You could tell they spend a pretty penny. Not like some other shows. I’m looking at you Designated Survivor (read our review on this site).
The actors playing priests are definitely comfortable in their roles. Alfonso Herrera who plays Father Ortega has a charismatic presence and is great as the lead. For some reason Geena Davis is not believable as the mother. Maybe she doesn’t like the part or isn’t comfortable with it. Let’s hope she gets better as the show goes on.

What really makes the show interesting is that it takes place within the same universe of the original film. There is a scene when the priest is researching exorcisms and he finds an article about the original. I like that the show is not a direct remake. One thing I need to add: there is a big twist to the story. Something bigger is about to happen. It’s just not about the little girl. Seems maybe the ultimate war between good and evil is coming.
With a slow start and a killer ending, it has left me wanting more.

photo-feb-24-7-37-47-pm3 out 4 Hats


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