Blair Witch – is the reboot/sequel any good?



In 1999 a small independent film came out of nowhere and scared people off of their seats. Yes, I am talking about The Blair Witch Project. Love it or hate it (I loved it), it helped usher in the found footage wave. Granted not all found footage films are good but there has been a few that are worth checking out.
That brings me to my review of The Blair Witch a true sequel to the original film. Not that other cash grab sequel Book of Shadows.

The film starts off with a simple premise. The brother of Heather Donahue (the lead character in the original film) finds footage that might prove his sister is still alive after the events of the Blair Witch Project. He and a small team with high tech gadgets go back to the Black Hills Forest to search for his sister.
Let me just say I really enjoyed the film. While it’s not totally original and more of reboot then a true sequel, it worked really well. The biggest complaint people had of the original is that you do not see anything and not much happens. The Blair Witch is a bit different, since it has a bigger budget. You do see a lot more things happening on screen. But still it’s all a build up to very intense final 20 minutes that is worth the wait.
I also had the added benefit of watching it in 4DX. The 4DX definitely adds a level of intensity to the film. If you have never heard of 4DX, it’s a full sensory experience that adds scent, water, wind, smoke and a moving chair. With Blair Witch the 4DX made you felt like you are really in the forest. You could see the lighting, feel the wind and rain. Yes, it does rain on you too. But when someone is being killed or pulled off screen the chair gives a violent move. You feel like someone is about to grab you. The whole experience works great for the film. Definitely check it out and if you can see it in 4DX.

photo-feb-24-7-37-47-pm3 out of 4 Hats


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