American Horror Story: Roanoke. Was all the Hype Worth it? *WARNING SPOILERS INSIDE!*


It is safe to state that AHS has done its job at keeping us in a state of “what is going on” around the new season of the anthology horror television series. As many of us know this seasons theme has been kept from us and we have been given a series of teasers that has been geared to mislead us. Though one of the teasers is promised to be the actual theme, before the show is revealed to us, we are left undecided as to what this season will entail. Besides possible leaked photos and the opinion of almost every AHS fan, we are left pretty clueless. Did the writers, producers, and network all revolving around AHS make the right decision in keeping the season under wraps? Is it safe to say that AHS might possibly have another successful season on their hands?

After watching the first episode there is a WTF did I just watch factor that makes you want to keep watching.

The episode begins with a True Crime TV show feel with testimonial accounts of the actual events that are then portrayed by actors (clever AHS, clever). The episode continues with the reenactments of the true events that took place. An interracial couple (reenactment portrayed by actors Sarah Paulson, a show favorite, and Cuba Gooding Jr.) purchases an old farm house that seems normal. The plot unravels quickly as supernatural events take place. Pitchforks and lit torches held by people with colonial clothing appear throughout the episode attacking the inhabitants of the house. Odd occurrences rain over this poor family (who else was weirded out by the falling human teeth) and point to some kind of force that is trying to send a message (teeth, pigs, things to think about).

If you are still puzzled by the episode, trying to figure out what is underneath the story laid out to us, and have a desire to continue watching the season, then yes, not only was this a good vision for the season but should promise us a twisted, unique, and well… a thrilling horror-based story line we will enjoy to the end.

Being a horror enthusiast myself, I am not the easiest to please nor the easiest to scare, I must admit that I am a true sucker and fan for a concept that has my mind working and has a puzzle for me to solve. This overpowered my realization that the episode in it of itself was a bit ambiguous and might not exactly paint a clear picture of what this season is actually about. But alas, this would not be the work of AHS is it did not prove to be a mind-bender.

I am ready for more.

And that is why AHS season 6 premiere is worth watching and investing some brain power to figure out what is really going on.

photo-feb-24-7-46-00-pm   3.5 out of 4 hats


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