Ever played UbiSoft’s Assassin’s Creed? Whether you’ve never heard of the game or rule the game world, Assassin’s Creed Trial by Fire can be considered a tutorial of sorts for the game. The book opens with De la Cruz in a virtual game-like world where she is a bad ass whose instincts and strategy bring her victory. That being said, I couldn’t manage to get too attached to De la Cruz. Her attitude and choices do not seem too grab my attention as she is not such a memorable character. She is chosen by The Brotherhood, a secret organization, to tap into her ancestors past to help them discover important key facts they need. It didn’t take much convincing for De la Cruz to follow suit. Stumbling her way through her first encounter with Animus, her tenacity pushes her to accept the challenge set before her. Not all is lost in this first book of the Trial by Fire series. All lovers of alternate universes and the Assassin’s Creed games should pick up or download a copy.

photo-feb-24-3-18-21-pm2 out of 4 Hats



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